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Journal of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering《化学与化工》杂志
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Influence of Condensing Temperature on Heat Pump Efficiency

 本期目录: Journal of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering《化学与化工》杂志

出版单位:美国大卫出版公司 David Publishing Company
Editorial Board Members:
Professor, Ali Asghar Hosseini, University of Mazandaran, Iran;
Professor, Teodoro Saul Kaufman, Instituto de Qu¨amica Rosario, Argentina;
Professor, P. Selvarajan, Aditanar College of Arts and Science, India;
Professor, Lew P Christopher, South Dakota School of Mines and Technology, Rapid City, SD, USA.

出版周期:月刊 monthly
零 售 价:100元/期,全年12期
全年订阅:1200元 VIP价格:1140元


  Brief Introduction of Journal of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering

  Journal of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering is an international, scholarly and peer-reviewed journal (print and online) published monthly by David Publishing Company, USA ,which was founded in 2001. Journal of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering is collected and indexed by the Library of U.S Congress,as key words in "Basic Search" column. In addition, this journal is also retrieved by some renowned databases:

  ★ Database of EBSCO, Massachusetts, USA
  ★ Cambridge Scientific Abstracts, CSA
  ★ Ulrich's Periodicals Directory
  ★ Chinese Database of CEPS, American Federal Computer Library Center (OCLC), USA

  Journal of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering was founded in 2007. It seeks to bridge and integrate the intellectual, methodological, and substantive diversity of chemical scholarship, and to encourage a vigorous dialogue between chemical scholars and practitioners. It aims to promote the theory and practice of chemical science and technology, innovation, engineering and management and to foster the growth of educational, scientific and industrial research activities among chemists and chemical Engineers. The Journal welcomes contributions which promote the exchange of ideas and rational discourse between practicing educators and chemical researchers all over the world.

  The journal reports current research findings in all branches of chemistry. A broad outline of the journal's scope includes: peer reviewed original research articles, case and technical reports, reviews and analyses papers, short communications and notes to the editor, in interdisciplinary information on the practice and status of research in chemical science and technology, both natural and man made. Papers that are multidisciplinary or address new or emerging areas of chemistry are particularly encouraged. Thus, the scope is dynamic. It includes (but is not limited to) the traditional areas of analytical, inorganic, organic, and physical-theoretical chemistry and newer interdisciplinary areas such as materials science, spectroscopy, chemical physics, and biological, medicinal and environmental chemistry. The Journal welcomes original research contributions (previously unpublished) from all established areas of chemistry (pure and applied) and chemical engineering (theoretical, experimental, or both).Thus high quality research papers or reviews dealing with any aspect of chemistry are welcomed.
Should you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact us.

  美国《化学与化工》(Journal of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering)期刊,于2006年12月由留学美国东部地区的中国学者及有关专家在纽约申请创办,已于2007年下半年创刊。刊物由在美国取得较大学术影响力的美国大卫出版公司出版,在全美公开发行。现公司已经开展了和国内、外知名数据库公司的合作,现已签署收录协议的主要包括:

  ★ 美国麻省EBSCO数据库
  ★ 美国剑桥科学文摘(CSA)
  ★ 乌利希国际期刊指南Ulrich's Periodicals Directory
  ★ 美国联邦计算机国会图书馆中心OCLC与台湾华艺数位有限公司联合开发的CEPS中文数据库
  ★ 中国重庆维普资讯公司中国中文科技期刊数据库(全文版)

  美国《化学与化工》(Journal of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering)主要刊登国内外化学与化工领域的基础研究和最新成果。刊物涉及领域包括:有机化学,无机化学,结构化学,高分子化学,应用化学,化学工程,材料化学,环境化学,计算机化学,生物化学,物理化学等。期刊注重刊物的理论性、学术性,旨在为化学与化工领域学者创建一个国际学术交流的平台,促进该领域科研和学术的进步,报道化学与化工领域前沿性的研究成果及有关重大课题的前期成果,促进该学科领域的学术交流。

  美国《化学与化工》(Journal of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering)为英文语言版本,印制版和网络版同时发行,刊物采用国际大16开本精美印刷。我们拟将这本期刊创办成化学与化工的核心期刊,使其成为化学与化工领域的学者发表文章的重要学术媒体与平台,为化学与化工学者与国际学术接轨提供一座桥梁。


  Kinetic Parameter of Alfa-amylase and Glucoamylase Enzymatic Reaction on the Glucose Yield from Hydrolyzed Processes of Tapioca Solid Waste

Chemistry Engineering
  Determination of Bed Void Fraction from Fixed Bed Breakthrough Curve
  Improvement of Pretreatment for Environmental Analysis of Cr (VI) Ion for Sediment Soil in Tama River
  Influence of Condensing Temperature on Heat Pump Efficiency
  Molecular Hydrogen Storage in Spherophanes: A Molecular Mechanic Investigation
  Reaction Crystallization of Struvite in A Continuous FB MSZ Type Crystallizer with Jet Pump Driven by Compressed Air

Material Chemistry
  Changes of Porosity and Roughness of Concrete Surfaces Due to Microbial Corrosion

Inorganic Chemistry
  Effect of Alkali-NaOH Solution on the Nature of Synthesized Zeolite from 2:1 Tunisian Clays: XRD and MAS-NMR Investigation
  A Theoretical Study on the Interactions of Crown Tetraalanylpeptide with Small Metal Cations

Organic Chemistry
  Synthesis of 2,6-pyridine Dimethyl Formate under Microwave Irradiation
  IR, 1H NMR, Electronic Properties and Conductivity Studies of N1,N4-Bis (Diphme)Benzene-1,4-Diamine Chloride Zirconium (IV) [{(Ar)2NC6H5N(Ar)2}ZrCl4] (Ar = C6H5)

Physical Chemistry
  Kinetics of the Chlorination of Copper (I) Sulphide by Calcium Chloride in the Presence of Oxygen
  The Saturation Model and Its Application on Partition Equilibria for Main Types of Heterogeneous Systems
  Fabrication and Characterization of Alumina/CNTs Nanocomposite Powders, by CCVD Method and Investigation of the Parameter Involved

Journal of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering《化学与化工》杂志
Journal of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering《化学与化工》杂志